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All those wannabe explorers will loves these kids animal night lights. From elephants and giraffes to turtles!

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  • Light up their face and let them dive into an adventure with this fun Waves & Whales ceiling shade from our little home at John Lewis range. Great for teaming with the rest of the Waves & Whales range, it can be wiped clean

  • Funky kids shark ceiling shade. Contemporary and stylish, this shark ceiling pendant shade from our little home at John Lewis range is perfect for growing kids looking for adventure.

  • Lovely Hummingbird pendant shade in white. White Metal Frame. Height 35cm x Width 23cm x Diameter 23cm 

  • Butterfly Bedroom Plug-in Fibre Optic Night Light Lamp in PURPLE. Has daylight sensor to prevent from working during daytime. Just plug it into the wall socket and see it glow. 

  • Dutch made Elephant light. Comes iwth dimmer switch. Stunning piece of design Measures 43cm x 35cm x 41cm 

  • Amusing and stylish monkey night light. Features the animal as the base with tail going to the light bulb and shade

  • Stunning porclain bunny night light with a light up tail. Made up of energy efficient LEDs. Powered via USB, so it will work with your existing phone or camera charger plug. High quality childrens lighting with over 4.5/5 star reviews average.  Size: 20 x 11 x 17 cm. 

  • The Mini Jellyfish Lamp is perfect for those who would love to own an aquarium but simply do not have the time, the space, the finances or the desire to maintain a tank of living animals. The quirky little lampquarium arrives with two imitation stingers that will float around the tank in a natural manner, as soon as you fill have filled the tank with...

  • ZOO low energy childrens three arm ceiling light. Funky Monkey, Zany Zebra and Grinning Giraffe all appear in this superb three arm childrens ceiling light. Supplied with three 14W low energy decor globes

  • Turn your Grobag Egg Thermometer (sold separately) into a cute penguin friend; simply pop this shell over the top. H 13.2cm x L9.5cm

  • Ideal for your childs nursery. Height 21cm. This little bone china owl lamp will give a warm, comforting glow and has been designed to appeal to all ages. Lovely high quality item.

  • Stunning comforting light show for your child, via this Slumber Buddy Frog. The ideal bedtime companion for soothing your little one to sleep. A star and moon display projects around the room in 3 colour options - blue, green and amber. Complete with lullabies and nature sounds and a 30 minute auto shut-off.

Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items