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Big selection of kids night lights. From small plug in night lamps to fancy LED modern styles for boys and girls.

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  • Hang this mobile up and let the alternating colours of these beautiful LEDs glow through the ornamental shapes. 3 x integrated LEDs

  • Ideal for the nursery, hallway or on the landing, this night light will provide a soft and reassuring blue glow to help comfort your child and improve safety. The Dusk 'til Dawn Sensor detects light levels; so it automatically switches on at dusk and off at dawn.

  • Charming children's table lamp, made from a shaped cylinder of acrylic, and printed with trees whose leaves are actually birds and butterflies. Includes 1x 5W G4 halogen bulb

  • Dual purpose capability frees up the socket so you can use a 2nd appliance at the same time as using the nightlight. Supplied with an additional safety cover for child-proofing.

  • Superb quality bedside night light for kids. Helps children who are too young to read an ordinary clock to understand when it's time to get up by using easy pictures. Glowing screen shows images of stars and sun to communicate sleep and wake up time. Stars go out one by one in the night to show the passing of time. The Gro-Clock has two wake up options,...

  • Rechargeable nightlight, glows for up to 10 hours. Portable companion offers comfort if little ones wake up during the night. Four different colour modes: Blue, Red, Green, or gently cycles through all colours, Optional timer gently fades light off after 30 minutes.

  • Fantastic 3-LED adjustable direction battery night light suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Features include a motion sensor, 5m range. Stick-on or screw fixing. Requires 3xAA batteries which are included.

  • This stand alone light is ideal for outdoor security, garages and even indoors. Its features include a 3-LED adjustable direction battery light, 4m range, and a motion sensor. Stick-on or screw fixing. Comes with 3xAAA batteries

  • This long-life LED night light provides a gentle glow for comfort and safety. It fits into any standard mains outlet, making it perfect for hallways and children's rooms. It will turning on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.

  • This cute owl will glow with reassuring light to help children get to sleep at night. The rechargeable light will glow for up to 10 hours, without the need for wires or batteries, which makes it an ideal portable companion. Includes 4 colours modes and a timer, so it can be left on all night or it will slowly turn itself off. This Celeste and Moon Owl is...

  • Useful LED night with a single colour, rainbow or 15 mins dimmer modes. It's also rechargeable, with up to 10 hours of light per charge.

  • This simple to use thermometer changes colour according to the room temperature and acts as a warning if the room is too hot or cold. It also provides baby with a soft and comforting glow at night. With digital thermometer and permanent backlit LCD readout. Mains powered.

Showing 13 - 24 of 46 items